Would you like to know what it feels like to be able to dominate a wild animal that´s charging at you? At Finca Feligrés Farm you can really get to know the principles of bullfighting.

Enjoy witnessing a practical bullfighting class, in which you will learn together with students and teachers from the best bullfighting school in the country, the El Juli Foundation, to muletas y capotes (capes). And you can even feel the adrenaline of putting yourself in front of a bull from one of the best herds of the Spanish farm.

We guarantee your visit will be unforgettable, with first class professionals from the world of bullfighting, unifying fun and real learning.

All this with the option of being accompanied by our restaurant service. Tours are available with our English and French translators.


Visit the bullfighting school

The Bullfighting School is one of the hallmarks of the El Juli Foundation. At Finca Feligrés Farm you can enjoy an exclusive visit to its facilities where you can meet the future bullfighting figures first-hand and learn how to grab a muletas y capotes (capes) with an exclusive class of toreo de salón (salon bullfighting).

A group of students accompanied by a teacher will carry out a training exhibition, with the main bullfighting passes. We will explain what daily training consists of and the usefulness and handling of the bullfighting elements. Afterwards, we will teach you how to use them. Although you may be a bit timid at first, we assure you that almost everyone wants to try to give some passes or to play bull with our carts.


How a bullfighter gets dressed

The moment in which a bullfighter gets dressed to go to the bullring is an almost magical ritual that few fans get to know.
Immerse yourself in the intimacy of those inaccessible moments thanks to this cultural activity at Finca Feligrés Farm.

A professional from the world of bullfighting will explain to you step by step how the process of dressing a bullfighter is carried out, what garments are used and in what order they are put on, so that you can learn in depth one of the most secret rituals of bullfighting.

Naming each garment and detail of the traje de luces (lights suits), adjusting the castañeta (the false ponytail, symbol of the bullfighter) all the way to the final adjusting the capote de paseo (walk cape). A delightful ritual.

Visiting the museum

At Finca Feligrés Farm we are fortunate to have the museum of one of the most important figures in the history of bullfighting, Julián López «El Juli».

Immerse yourself in his life story, his first trajes de luces (lights suits), posters, trophies, works of art, historical bull heads…

The Bullfighting Museum of the Finca Feligrés Farm treasures the memories of a bullfighting legend.

The visits are always guided by professionals from the bullfighting world and like the rest of the activities, are available in English and French.


Exhibition “tentadero”

You have already witnessed the training of the bullfighting school students, you have already learned to use muletas y capotes (capes)… What if we now put everything we learned into practice?

Forget capeas in which the cows are so fought that and try your luck in front of the highest quality animals. The students will receive the calf and once its characteristics have been shown, it´s the turn of the volunteers willing to experience emotions that they have never felt.

We assure you a once-in-a-lifetime experience in our beautiful bullring. With the safety and closeness of our students. Fighting with professional muletas y capotes (capes).

Visit our facilities

At Finca Feligrés Farm we take care of every detail. You will be amazed as we take you around all of the facilities that we have for our bullfighting activities.

From the bullring, passing through the museum, the bullfighting school hall… and the of course the bull pens/areas.

Discover the pampering in the care and breeding of wild cattle, answering all the questions and doubts that you will surely have about this great world.